Tin Whistles

Paddy Moloney and Seán Potts with Peadar Mercier
On the humblest of instruments, two members of The Chieftains produce a maelstrom of music. In the hands of a tasteful expert, the tin whistle can produce music of incredible sophistication. And here is does.

  1. Did You Wash Your Father's Shirt, The Mountain Top; reels

2. Jimmy Mo Mhile Stór; air

3. The Connacht Heifers/Miko Russell's Reel; reels

4. Port Na BPúcaí; air

5. The Piper's Chair/The Gander at the Pratie Hole; jigs

6. An Draighneán Donn; air

7. Murphy's Reel/The Heather Breeze; reels

8. Sliabh Geal GCua Na Féile; air, Hornpipe/The Garden Of Daises; set dance

9. Julia Delaney; reel

10. Seolaim Araon Na Géanna Romhainn; air

11. The Hag At The Spinning Wheel; jig

12. Bean Dubh an Ghleanna; air

13. Pléaráca An Ruarcaigh

14. The Boy In The Boat/The Pretty Girls of Mayo; reels

15. Planxty George Brabazon; planxty

16. The Ballyfin Slide/The Cock of The North; slides


Recorded by Angus McKenzie Facilities London, December 1973.

Engineers; Angus McKenzie and Tony Faulkner.

Technical Production by loan Allen for Claddagh Records.