The Chieftains 4

The Chieftains
Derek Bell’s harp joins in for the first time. The outstanding tracks here include Sean Keane’s solo interpretation of the Bucks of Oranmore, Moloney’s outstanding arrangement of The Battle of Aughrim and The Morning Dew, one of The Chieftains’ best known pieces. The standard set by Chieftains 1 is maintained and developed on each successive venture. Marvellous!

  1. Drowsey Maggie

2. Morgan Magan

3. The Tip of the Whistle; air

4. The Bucks of Oranmore; reel

5. The Battle of Aughrim

6. The Morning Dew

7. Carrickfergus; air

8. Hewlett

9. Cherish the Ladies; double jig

10. Lord Mayo; march

11. Mná na hÉireann; air

12. O'Keeffe's Slide, An Suisín Bán; set dance, The Star Above the Garter, The Weavers; slides


Music arranged and directed by Paddy Moloney.