The Liffey Banks

Tommy Potts
Tommy Potts, heir to over a century of family music, was one of the most innovative and inventive Irish fiddlers. He constantly re-interpreted his music, extending its horizons until the tunes were created anew. His lifelong fascination with melody and its structure continued until his death in 1988, and attracted serious academic study. However, its true worth is in its beauty of approach and execution and its appeal to the ear.

  1. The Liffey Banks; reel

2. The Blackbird; air

3. O'Dowd's; Reel

4. Billy Byrne of Ballymanus; air

5. Rakish Paddy; reel

6. The Butterfly; slip jig

7. Crowley's Reel

8. The Drunken Sailor; hornpipe

9. The Star of Munster; reel

10. An Buachaill Caol Dubh; air

11. The Fisherman's Lilt; hornpipe

12. My Love is in America; reel

13. An Raibh Tú ag an gCarraig?; air

14. The Long Hills of Mourne; reel

15. Top it Off; slip jig

16. Patsy Touhey's; Reel

17. The Ship Comes Home; lullaby

18. Ryan's Rant; reel

19. The Dear Irish Boy; air

20. The Falcarragh Reel

21. Garrett Barry's Favourite, The Gander at the Prattie Hole and The Rambling Pitchfork; jigs

22. The Parting Glass; air and Bunch of Keys; reel


Recorded in Log a' Lágha, An Tóchar, Conndae Chill Mhanntáin on the 11th August 1971 by Ioan Allen for Claddagh Records.