FAI Development Squad Win Hibernia Tournament

In the final of the Hibernia International Tournament at Saint Joseph's Boys Complex on Sunday 21st August, the FAI Development Squad won 2 - 1 over Wolverhampton Wanderers to take the Trophy. Well done to the FAI Under 14 Development Squad, including Belvedere's Neil Harney and Stephen Relihan, on winning the Hibernia Trophy.

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The DDSL Squad which included Belvedere's Danny Henry, Paul Corry and Garvan Broughall took the 3rd place spot with a 1 - 0 win over Charlton Athletic, with whom Lee Dixon guested.

Saturday's Results  :

St.Kevins 0 - 1 DDSL
Wolves    5 - 0 Scottish Youths
DDSL   2 - 0 Scottish Youths
St.Kevins 0 - 6 Wolves
Charlton Ath 3 - 0 FAI
St.Josephs  2 - 1 South Tipperary
Charlton Ath 2 - 2 St.Josephs
FAI 5 - 0 South Tipperary

Sunday's Results  :

DDSL 2 - 3 Wolves
Scottish Youths 2 - 0 St.Kevins
South Tipperary 2 - 1 Charlton Ath.
FAI 3 - 0 St.Josephs

7/8 Play off  South Tipperary 2 - 1 St.Kevins
5/6 Play off  St.Josephs 1 - 1 Scottish Youths
St.Josephs won 4 - 2 on pens
3/4 Play off  DDSL 1 - 0 Charlton Ath.
Final  FAI Dev. Squad 2 - 1 Wolves


St. Joseph's Boys AFC International Invitational Soccer Tournament

The Hibernia Trophy

The Hibernia Trophy International Invitational Tournament Under 14 takes place this weekend 20th/21st August at Saint Joseph's Boys Sallynoggin. Six Belvedere players will be involved with three squads as follows: The FAI Development Squad, DDSL Squad and Charlton Athletic.

Neil Harney and Stephen Relihan are selected in the FAI Development Squad, while Danny Henry, Paul Corry and Garvan Broughall have been included in the Dublin and District Schoolboys League Squad. Lee Dixon has also been invited to play with English Premier club Charlton Athletic in the tournament.

Group A

Scottish Youth FA, Wolverhampton Wanderers, DDSL Squad, Saint Kevin's Boys.

Group B

FAI Development Squad, Charlton Athletic, Tipperary SB S&DL, Saint Joseph's Boys.