" Former Belvedere Emerging Young Talent with English Clubs"

Last season Richie Ryan made two Premiership appearances for Sunderland against Arsenal and Newcastle at the age of seventeen.

With Sunderland's relegation to Division one, it was indicated that he would be considered a first team player this season and many senior starts were forecast.

However injury and two major operations put paid to that plan and the unfortunate Richie has been ruled out for this season.

Despite that setback, this current season has not been devoid of new young Belvedere players making their Senior debuts in England.

In fact, five young players have already made first appearances this season, two in the Premier League and three in the First Division.

Stephen Kelly (20) for Tottenham Hotspur, Stephen Elliott (20) for Manchester City, Mark Quigley (18) and Barry Cogan (19) for Millwall, and Gerard Nash (17) for Ipswich Town, are the five involved.

Other former Belvedere players who have played first team football this season in Britain are Mark Kennedy for Wolves in the Premiership, in the First Division, Curtis Fleming with Crystal Palace, Robbie Ryan and Richard Sadlier, before he retired, with Millwall and Thomas Butler for Sunderland.

Sole former Belvo player in the Second Division is Garreth O'Connor with Bournemouth, while the Third Division boasts three, Fred Murray with Cambridge Utd, Richie Foran with Carlisle United and John McGrath with Doncaster.

Playing in the Nationwide Conference are Stephen Capper with Scarborough and Kwame Ampadu with Exeter. Belvo's only first team player in Scotland is Richie Byrne with Dunfermline. This amounts to a grand total of seventeen players for this season so far.

Many other young Belvedere players of great talent are bubbling under the surface in the Youth and Reserve teams of British Professional clubs and who knows how many more may emerge and make their debuts during the remains of this term or in the years to come.