Welcome to Heaven!


There is a song that says "I'd like to see the world for once all standing hand-in-hand, and hear them echo through the hills for peace throughout the land".  Does this sound like Heaven to you?  Well, that's because it ISHeaven.

Heaven is the knowledge, not the belief but the KNOWLEDGE, that all Life, all things manifest and unmanifest, in and through all time, space and dimensions, is an expression of Life Itself.  "And what is 'Life Itself'? you ask.  Very simply, it is the Spirit of Creation/Birth or GOD.  The Consciousness of Creation is the Spirit of Everything.  It IS Every Thing.

"But how about the Spirit of Destruction?  What is it and where does it fit in?", you may ask.  'Destruction' is the 'Spirit of No Thing'. It is nothing.  And, as such, it does not exist.  "But it seems so real," you  say.  Yes, it does.
Consider the 'Spirit of Nothing' as darkness and it becomes easy to understand.  Does darkness exist?  Let us see:

Darkness has no properties of its own and no energy to function.  The only possible way to describe it is in terms of Light.  Darkness is lack of light.  Supply Light and what happens to darkness?  It disappears.
"Can it stay? - No.  Can it put out the light? - No.  Can it go somewhere else? - No.  Can it come back? - No.
So, where did it go? Nowhere.  What happened to it?  Nothing.  Was it really there? - No, just lack of light."

Darkness is nothing in itself and does not exist.  There is no "Spirit of No Thing".  There is no 'Destruction' or 'Death'.  There is only the Spirit of Creation, which is the Spirit of GOD, Who is the Creator of Every Thing.
KNOWLEDGE and Certainty of this is the 'Light of Heaven'.
Lack of this Knowledge is the only darkness, and 'ignorance' is its only description.

So let there be Light!  Let Knowledge and Certainty shine through the clouds of ignorance and doubt!
Let 'Bright Blazing Life' sweep through the fog of grinding decay!
Let warm waves of love stream through the mist of cold and chilling fear!
And let there be...

peace on earth....

Welcome to Heaven!