Night Train (1998)

Producers: Tristan Lynch / Derek Ryan / Dominic Wright
Director: John Lynch
Subotica Production

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Starring John Hurt and Brenda Blethan, Night Train tells the story of a lonely ex-con, Michael Poole, who finds sanctuary in a suburban house in Dublin while on the run from his ex-employer, a particulary vicious drugs baron.

In his new lodgings Poole installs his vast model railway, its main feature being the entire route of the Orient Express.

Much to the chagrain of his landlady, Mrs. Mooney, her daughter, Alice, is intrigued by both model railway and modelmaker alike, to the point of agreeing to travel with him to Venice on the Orient Express itself.

The interior of Mooney's House was built on A Stage, Ardmore Studios and consisted of Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Hallway, Landing, Poole's Bedroom, Alice's Bedroom, Mrs. Mooney's Bedroom & Bathroom. Winnie's Kitchen was also built on A Stage.

The Interior of the Orient Express was shot on an existing set at Yorkshire Televesion Studios in Leeds with the additional building of a Sleeping Compartment and Corridor.

Other Locations were found in and around the Dublin area and in Venice, Italy.

Mrs. Mooney's Living Room / Dining Room (set)
Poole's Room & Model Railway (set)
Winnie's Kitchen (set)
Orient Express Sleeping Compartment (set)