The Late Late Show (1987)

Producer: Gay Byrne
Director: Adrian Cronin
RTE, Dublin

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RTE’s longest running chat / music show, hosted by Gay Bryne, incorporating guest, panel & audience discussion together with live guest entertainment items and occasional specials.

A specially commissioned wall carpet on a backlit panel formed the main backing of a double curved chat area. The main entrance was through the overlap of the curves at a level 1'0" above the main area.

The "Late Late Show" logo was realised in relief above the presenter's desk which also accommodated the prime interviewee position. Camera right of the desk was situated  a panel area of up to six guests.

Over the panel area flattage was an uplighter style column, similar to those forming a main feature of the entertainment area.

Behind these columns in the entertainment area were a series of shapes formed by architectural lighting tubes set against the studio blacks. A modular set of treads / rostra accommodated anything from a choir to a rock band. A feature guard-rail finished this to the back.

Chat Area
Wide shot of performance area
Closer shot in performance area