The Truth About Claire (1990)

Producer: Gerry Stembridge
Director: Gerry Stembridge
RTE, Dublin Lynch

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A pseudo documentary style film in five parts concerning the events leading up to the suicide of "Claire" as recounted (quite differently) by four of her friends, Denise, David, Colman and Paul,  to a doumentary maker of dubious credentials.

Differing versions of scenes were shot from the point of view of the four protagonists with some subtle and some not so subtle differences in dressing and costume : Denise's dinner party was a rather more elaborate affair in her story; Colman's car was a red Mustang in his account and a rather delapidated blue Fiat 127 in everyone else's.

Gerry Stembridge as the Documentary Director
Colman (Andrew Connolly) in his fantasy car
Denise's (Pauline McGlynn) Dinner Party