Borstal Boy (2003)

Producer: Maurice Cassidy
Director: Joe Dowling
Gaiety Theatre, Dublin

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A dramatisiation of Brendan Behan's book of the same name, following the young Behan through the eyes of the older Behan on his abortive bombing mission to Liverpool.  

The action of the play moves from the streets of Dublin to his arrest in a Liverpool boarding house, his remand in Walton Gaol and his time served in Hollesly Bay Borstal. 

The early Dublin / Liverpool scenes were achieved using two trucked units  in various configurations against black.  

The main Walton Gaol set for act one was revealed behind this and various areas of  the gaol portrayed by means of further trucked elements and props. 

The first act concludes with a courtroom scene again with trucked elements in front of black. 

A major change over during the interval involved flying the top storey of the gaol set and trucking the lower half to the upstage scene dock. This was replaced by a skycloth, foliage and wall to create the Borstal garden. 

A large flown window piece was used to create the interiors of Refectory, Dormitory and Chapel with different dressing. 

The production was revived five times in total at the Gaiety and was also performed in the Cork Opera House.

Liverpool Boarding House
Walton Gaol
Hollsley Bay Garden
Borstal Chapel